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Onion Juice – It Turns Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color

Gray hair is a common issue and women are more prone to it. It can be quite irritating and detrimental to the self-esteem of a person. What most people do is use hair dyes. However, the dyes are packed with chemicals and they damage the scalp and the hair follicles. Fortunately, there is a natural remedy which can treat gray hair. What’s more, the remedy which we will show you today is inexpensive, safe, and extremely effective. You already have the main ingredient in your home-onion.
We all know that onion is usually used for cooking, but it also has some amazing beauty benefits. It contains high amounts of sulfur, which is the crucial mineral for the main building blocks of hair. So, onion can stimulate the blood circulation, nourish the hair follicles, and treat scalp infections. Moreover, onions contain catalase, which can prevent premature graying. Here are two methods how to use onions to treat the premature graying of hair.
Onion Juice After-Wash Solution
1 tbsp. of onion juice
1l warm water

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