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Oncologist Discovers Juice That Kills Cancer In 48 Hours!

“…we observed early activation of initiator caspase-8, which led to mitochondrial destabilization and the induction of autophagy, suggesting that DRE acts through the extrinsic pathway of apoptosis.”
Also, Canadian scientists from the University of Windsor made this discovery some time ago. Like back in 2009.
It all started when one oncologist was playing around with the effects of dandelion root tea…he noticed the rate of cancer was correlated.
He consistently witnessed positive results with several types of cancer as well (e.g. colon cancer, leukemia, etc.), without damaging the surrounding healthy cells.
As a result of this work, several oncologists consider the use of this extract to be one of the most promising treatments we now have!
Anti-Cancer Dandelion Juice Recipe

3 cups dandelion leaves

2 organic celery sticks

1 organic lemon

2 organic green apples

1 organic cucumber


Put all of the ingredients into a juicer or blender (we recommend this) and drink fresh right away in the morning on an empty stomach