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Nutella -Stuffed Pancakes

When you want to make a treat that’s really on another delicious level, there’s one ingredient you can always count on: Nutella®! Everybody’s favorite hazelnut-chocolate spread has long been making desserts extra special, so today, we’re seeing what it can do for another meal. That’s right— Nutella®’s coming to breakfast!

As if that news isn’t already exciting enough, just wait until you hear how we’re introducing the spread to our brunch table: stuffed inside pancakes! That’s right, instead of having to merely content yourself with dribbling Nutella® on top of your favorite breakfast dishes or using it as an occasional dip, we’re making sure you get a bit of the good stuff in every single pancake bite.

Now, some of you might have tried making some stuffed pancakes before, and had trouble combining the soft spread with the batter. Luckily for all of us, we’ve looked around and found the perfect solution for getting that Nutella® to stay inside the pancakes where it belongs, and it involves . . . the freezer? Yup! Watch to see what we mean, then keep reading for the full recipe so you can try them yourself!

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