An easy, no-bake breakfast option of double chocolate cookies made with natural and good-for-you ingredients.EASY Healthy no-bake double chocolate breakkfast cookiesI adore breakfast. But, I’ll be honest. Slaving over a breakfast meal that takes tons of preparation, produces dozens of dirty dishes, and leaves me feeling like I’ll topple over from being too full is for special occasions only. Oh, and Saturdays are those special occasions, in case you were wondering.

But for the weekdays? I’m definitely more into quick, on-the-go, and healthy breakfast options. For instance, cookie dough cereal is a staple in my house. Along with healthy banana oat muffins and peanut butter breakfast cookies. Oh, and overnight peanut butter cheesecake oats are a great go-to option around these parts.

Chocolate Breakfast CookiesAnd these breakfast cookies are no different. They are incredibly simple, completely satisfying, and made with natural ingredients. So you can eat cookies for breakfast.

You can also make these cookies in one bowl, have them completely finished in about 5 minutes, and eat the whole batch if you feel like it. But, more likely, you’ll have some leftover and you can store them in the fridge for up to 5 days, or freeze them for up to 3 months. (In an airtight container of course.)

Double Chocolate Healthy No-bake Breakfast CookiesSo, what exactly makes up these magically delicious cookies? The base is old fashioned oats, rice krispie cereal, and cocoa powder. These ingredients stick together thanks to some creamy peanut butter and honey. A bit of flavor comes from vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

The oats become softened by the peanut butter + honey mixture and the rice krispies give these cookies a nice “crunch.” Which I’m a fan of for sure.

I added in some mini chocolate chip, but you definitely can substitute dark chocolate chips or carob chips. Both healthy and good options for these breakfast cookies. Depending on how you roll out these cookies, this batch will make about 7-9 cookies. If you know you are going to want more, or want to prepare breakfast for the whole week, you can double (or triple) the recipe. Cookies EVERYWHERE!

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