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Never look at that ugly door again. 10 spectacular door makeovers

Your door says a lot about you. It’s the first thing people notice before they enter your house or any of the rooms within. So what impression are you making with a plain old door?
But before you run out and spend money on a brand new door, why not try giving your old door a makeover? With just a little paint, some sanding or even just a few decorations, you can give your door a completely new look that will invite all of your friends and family to come on in.
1. Upgrade old wood and hardware
It’s amazing how different a door can look with just a little paint and some new hardware. If your door is in pretty good shape, but looks kind of ugly, pick a paint color you like and replace the old handle with one that better fits your home’s style.

2. Add panels to a flat door
If you want to jazz up your flat doors, consider panels to add a little extra dimension to the surface. Even if you’re not a skilled carpenter, you can follow these simple steps to make your doors look brand new in no time.

3. Make faux barn doors
Do you have any sliding doors in your house? Make them look like barn doors with your preferred color of paint, a few small planks of wood, new handles and a black Sharpie.

4. Add frosted glass
Though this project is a bit more time intensive than most of the others, adding frosted glass to your doors can give them a classy look while also allowing you to maintain an element of privacy. And if you’re up for the challenge, this 17-step tutorial was designed to help you every step of the way. (Don’t worry; some of the steps are optional!)

5. Add a ceiling medallion
Do you wish your doors looked like they belong in a multi-million dollar mansion? Lucky for you, you can have fancy doors without breaking the bank. Just buy a few faux-plaster ceiling medallions and attach them to the doors you want to spruce up. Paint them to match the doors and add doorknobs and you’ll have doors fit for a king.

6. Use panel molding for a glamorous upgrade
Another way to make your doors look a little fancier is to use panel molding to create designs on your door. This tutorial can help you create the pattern shown below, but you can use these same steps no matter what shapes you want to incorporate.

7. Electrical tape designs
If you want to put your own twist on a design, but don’t want the commitment of paint or panel molding, consider using electrical tape. You can create any number of designs, leave them up as long as you want and easily remove them when you’re ready for something new.

8. Chalkboard paint
You can use chalkboard paint on almost any surface in your house, so why not dedicate a door to showing off your family’s creativity? This is one of the cheapest options for a door makeover, because all you need to buy is one can of chalkboard paint, a paintbrush and a foam roller.

9. Make your own dutch door
For those of you comfortable with power tools, this might just be the project for you. HGTV created a tutorial to walk you through the steps of turning your door into a dutch door. Having a dutch door is especially convenient if you have kids or pets and want them to stay in one room, but still need to keep an eye on them.

10. Add decorative glass
Having a window in your front door can help bring natural light into your house while also allowing you to see who’s on your porch before you open the door. But why settle for a regular window when you could replace it with decorative glass. This will spruce up the look of your door and also make it more difficult for people outside to see into your house before you open the door.

With so many options, all you have to do now is decide which look is best for the impression you want to make with your doors. So make your choice and then share this list on Facebook so your friends can pick a new style for their doors!