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Mound Bars & “Almond Joy” candy By FREDA

Coconut Mounds and Almond Joy, a must have on your holiday goodie platters.I have had this recipe for over 40 years. . .I got it from a long time friend, Peggy, whom we raised our children together. We always got together and made tons of goodies and we’d split them between the families. Those were the days, we enjoyed so much the many memories. With My thanks to peggy for these and those memories, I’ll share with you. Hope You all enjoy.
-I have been using almond bark to dip my homemade candy for years, but don’t like the texture (or maybe it’s the taste?). Instead of using paraffin, I use vegetable shortening to thin my almond bark and it works perfectly with all my dipped candy recipes!
-I absolutely HAVE to make these! Can they be frozen? I always like to get a jump on my Christmas baking and these would be a perfect gift!
-I have this same recipe from 1963 when I was in Jr. High. When I make it now I put about 1 T. of Crisco to the chocolate chips when I melt them. I also put coconut flavoring in the coconut mixture.

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