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Monte Cristo

Looking for an old fashioned Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe? I’ve got the perfect solution!
An easy Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe! Never had one? This is the recipe to try first!
**photos updated February 2016
This month marks the 18th anniverary of my first date with my dear husband! Both of us were servers (that’s what we called ourselves…never waiter/waitress) at a local Bennigan’s restaurant. So many fun memories of working there, but many of my memories of Bennigan’s revolve around the food. Especially their Monte Cristo sandwich. Yum. You take a perfectly healthy turkey and ham sandwich, batter it up, deep fry it, coat it in powdered sugar, dip it raspberry jam, and wonder why America is obese.

Actually this week my kids all had their yearly physicals, and two of them are underweight (the two oldest). What??? Have you seen what kind of food I cook and bake? I let them eat, honest! So, I guess you can say, the Monte Cristo is just what the doctor ordered!

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