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Man Rapes Toddler, Leaver Her ‘Special Gift’ To Remember Him By

A known sex offender in Houston has been charged with sexually assaulting two girls, including his infant niece, infecting them with HIV and other STDs.

David R. Wilson is facing charges of sexually assaulting his niece, not even 2-years-old at the time, and the teenage daughter of his ex-girlfriend.

Both of the victims ended up catching HIV and herpes. The baby girl also was also found to have chlamydia.

Given the severity of her infections, doctors had to perform a complete genital reconstruction surgery on the infant, according to court documents.

Medical officials told police it was clear the child had been sexually abused for some time.

HIV Test Proved Wilson Was The Culprit

HPD investigators took a closer look at four family members, including Wilson, all of whom had regular contact with the infant.

The four family members were tested for sexually-transmitted diseases, and only Wilson’s results came back positive for HIV. He also admitted he had been treated in the past for chlamydia.

Within a few weeks, the 14-year-old victim told a caseworker at the Children’s Assessment Center that Wilson was raping her and she was pregnant.

Wilson, who is already a convicted sex offender, is facing charges of super-aggravated sexual assault of a child and sexual assault of a child (enhanced charge due to the age of the younger victim).

Source: CHRON- diyhealth.tips
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