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Man Catching Fried Chicken Yumy

Spicy, savory and super satisfying, Leah’s dish had us at hello! With a name like this, we figured it had to be good… and we sure weren’t disappointed.
– Heat things up and give this chicken a fry.
tried this chicken and wow was it good. We don’t have the KK seasoning here in our town, so I used the flour alternative as you suggested. It was fabulous! I will always make my fried chicken using your recipe! Thanks so much! We just had our 15th anniversary so I don’t need to catch him, but I don’t want him to get off my line either! So I’m making him this chicken! He loved it! LOL! Thanks for a great recipe, Leah!
-OK, with this title, I had to take a peek. I’m always on the lookout for great fried chicken to cook in my new Lodge Cast Iron chicken pot! I’m just not sure if once I catch the man, I would want to keep him. LOL, teasing!
-I use my fry daddy deep fryer when making this recipe. But if you do not have one you can pan fry it. The oil should come half way up the chicken. Do not cover it. The steam needs to escape. What you can do is get a fryer screen. It helps keep the oil splatter minimal and helps the steam to escape. Also to those men that are concerned about not wanting to catch a man, I’m pretty sure you can catch a lady too or keep one in those cases in where you already caught one. 😉 Now enjoy some chicken!

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