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Make Dinner The Easiest Part Of Your Day

Weekdays at my house are extremely hectic. I have four very busy children that are always running in different directions. Lucky for me, none of them are old enough to drive yet either. My husband and I barely ever see each other after work because we each have to grab two kids and take them wherever they have to be that night. That means that dinner is usually drive-thru or frozen.

I don’t like feeding my family that way, but it’s all we have time for it seems. When I found this recipe on Julie’s Eats & Treats, I was pumped. I’m always looking for yummy crock pot recipes, and I knew this would fit the bill.

When I made it, my kids all got to eat something filling and home cooked, which made me feel a lot better about life. Granted we all couldn’t sit down at the same time, at least we weren’t eating in the car.

Everyone said they really liked it too. This is one that will stay close for the many years of busy weeknights we have ahead of us!

Recipe courtesy of Julie’s Eats & Treats. Photo credits to Rita’s Recipes.