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Lose 20 Pounds In A Week With Our Grapefruit And Egg Diet

Main menu: While following this diet you should eat five grapefruits and combine them with five to nine egg whites daily. The perfect combination is ten portions of egg whites and half a grapefruit every hour. It is recommended to drink a great amount of water and to be physically active at least 45 minutes a day whether it is walking or exercising. This amazing diet eliminates 100% of fat from the nutrition. The only thing the grapefruit consists are simple sugars and protein from the eggs. You will not believe in the results since they will be beyond what you have imagined.

Together with this diet, you should drink one cup of green tea in the morning and one cup before going to bed in the evening. In this way you will increase the process of cleaning toxins out of your body. The green tea has many antioxidant properties which will help in the fight with that extra pounds. Drink this tea regularly and enjoy its benefits. Try this grapefruit and eggs diet regimen and watch the transformation of your body.