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Let’s Make Breakfast Great Again!

You know what I love most about working from home? Breakfast. I feel very lucky because I usually have time to enjoy a peaceful breakfast instead of rushing out the door with just a cup of coffee in my hand.
I used to be that person who had to get up at times that most people would consider “the middle of the night”. I’d jump out of bed, make the coffee, brush my teeth and possibly grab and apple that I would later on eat in the car. I never had time for breakfast because I had such a long commute, and I wanted to spend the extra 30 minutes sleeping instead of rushing around in the kitchen.

Now that I do get to enjoy breakfast, I try to make it special for my family, too. My husband used to be the one who had to take care of the kids’ morning routines, so it wasn’t exactly a serene time of day for him, either…
These days I get up early, willingly, and try to come up with new breakfast ideas every day. Sometimes it’s homemade granola, sometimes a fruit salad, but the whole family enjoys breakfast casseroles the most. This recipe is one of our favorites!

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