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Lazy Lady’s Cherry Dump Cake Recipe

– I am super excited about this dessert. You see, I have to go to a potluck supper on Sunday and I haven’t the foggiest idea what to make. I don’t have time to toss together a casserole or side dish so dessert it is. However, which dessert recipe won’t take up to much of my morning? That’s where this Lazy Lady’s Cherry Dump Cake falls into place. Dump cakes ar ethe easiest desserts to make in the entire world. As the name suggests, you literally just dump the ingredients into your baking dish and away you go. I’ve made cherry, blueberry, and pineapple dump cakes before with mega success.

– I love the texture of cherry dump cake. The cake mix gets crumbly and buttery. It really does taste very good. The pie filling bubbles up all hot and comforting. Yum! I’m wanting to make that cherry dump cake right now! I’ve known people to make dump cakes using just cans of fruit before, too. I guess if you want a lighter option you could do this but, I mean, it’s cake! Why not go all out , you know? Anyway, this recipe is super easy to follow. Enjoy!

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