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Land Your Man Baked Beans

1986 was the first time I made this dish. I was a newly-wed and I was very eager to impress my in-laws! My father-in-law sat there and critiqued the dish, breaking down every ingredient…I was sweating bullets!! And then he walked up to me and told me “these are the best baked beans I have ever eaten!!” Since then I have been crowned the “Baked Bean Queen!” I even have people request them as a Christmas present, and every family function, I don’t even ask anymore…I just bake & take!! ENJOY!!
-loved these beans made a small change by adding a can of drained butter beans and a can of drained black beans and everyone raved about them. Did not have any to bring back from a reunion. Thank you so much now how do I find your ribs mentioned in the comments.
-kay, we have a luncheon every month for former co-workers, all of whom have retired. And I use this monthly luncheon as a vehicle to try out new recipes. Yesterday we had this recipe. I did one thing differently; which was to cut the bacon into matchsticks, fry it up, saut√© the onion in the bacon fat, and mix the whole shebang all together. All other instructions and ingredients were followed to the letter. I just had to let you know that not only did I ‘Land a Man’, I landed THREE men!! Yea, they’re old men (lol) but men nonetheless. Great recipe Jenny … they all told me to keep this one!

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