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Kentucky Hot Brown Mac ‘n Cheese: Take Your Taste Buds To The Derby!

Once or twice a week I’ll allow my children to choose what we have for dinner. Once they choose, we will go to the grocery store and find the ingredients that we need to make it all happen. Then, when we get home I’ll have the ‘lil buggers help me cook the meal. I’ve been doing this for years with my kiddos and they love it. Even my teenagers enjoy this little tradition. My youngest will typically go online to find a recipe that is befitting of his taste buds while my older kids enjoy pawing through my old cookbooks and recipe cards.

One day last week, it was my middle child’s turn to choose a recipe for our family dinner. He actually opted to take to the internet for inspiration instead of my cookbooks. What he found was truly amazing. he told me that he wanted macaroni and cheese and at first, I was a bit disenchanted because it seems like we are always eating good old mac ‘n cheese.
My son showed me the recipe that he had found over on Plain Chicken and it was for Kentucky Derby Hot Brown macaroni and cheese. All I needed to do was glance at the ingredients and know that my boy had found us a real winner!
Creamy cheese, bacon, and turkey meat are just a few of the insanely tasty ingredients that are intermingled in this delicious recipe. The kids and I made the dish and all was well with the world at dinner time

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