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Juicy As Can Be Perfect Prime Rib Roast

My cousin Roxanne’s son Junior loves meat as much as the family loves it, but he doesn’t like them rare. He always wants the fully cooked meat because the rare part makes him a bit sick. So every time we cook meat, we cook a piece for him longer than we cook the other meat. One of Junior’s favorite was the prime ribs. And he particularly likes “Grandpa Ben’s” cooking. It’s because Uncle Ben really knows the best way to cook meat. He doesn’t even need a timer or a thermometer. It’s as if he has the best radar when it comes to meat. When we ask him for rare, he will give us rare.
When we ask him for well done, he will give us well done.

It’s the reason why Junior loves Uncle Ben so much, which makes maternal grandfather a bit jealous sometimes. We witnessed one time how Junior didn’t eat the prime ribs his maternal grandfather cooked.
He only ate when Uncle Ben took over the grill. He was a bit late that day. If you want the juicy, moist, ribs that Uncle Ben is so good at cooking, I will share with you a similar recipe on the next page. Enjoy this flavorful prime ribs recipe!

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