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Italian Recipe: Homemade Cannoli

Of all the mouthwatering dishes to come out of Sicily, cannoli might just be the best known and best loved. Few can resist that decadent ricotta filling, the flaky pastry that surrounds it. While cannoli are commonly considered an “Italian” dessert, the truth is you won’t find them in most any respectable bakery on the Italian peninsula. These treats are 100% Sicilian. Be wary of any so-calledcannolisold in other regions of Italy. If you want an authentic one,you’ll have to venture over to the island itself.
Alternatively, you can whip up a batch of your own! Made-from-scratch cannoliare a world apart from the store-bought variety. They’re not as complicated to make as you might imagine. Homemade shells are infinitely better than pre-made ones. While many recipes call for the use of metal cannoli tubesto shape the shells, we recognize not everyone has them on-hand. And there’s no need to fork over the money when you can create makeshift cannoli tubes at home with aluminum foil! If you’d like to make your own, we’ll provide instructions for DIY cannoli tubes below.
Follow along as we give you the scoop on making your own cannoli: homemade shells stuffed with a creamy ricotta, chocolate chip & cherry filling!

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