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Instead of Drinking Coca-Cola, Use This Soft Drink as a Household and All-Purpose Cleaner!

Coca-Cola is the most popular soft drink. But, it contains many harmful ingredients that can negatively affect your health. Have you ever thought what really happens to your body after consuming a can of this beverage?

It actually acts as poison to your metabolism because it has the same acid level as that of a battery. Moreover, this popular soft drink possesses extremely high acid levels, so that it can destroy your tooth enamel as well as increase your risk of tooth decay.

There is no doubt that it can wreak havoc in your body, but here are 20 practical Coca-Cola uses as a household and all-purpose cleaner:

– It can clean your toilet. The only thing you should do is pour some Cola in the toilet bowl, let it stay for a while and then wash it.

– This beverage can clean blood stains from your clothes.

– It has an ability to polish pennies. All you need to do is soak them in the drink.

– Use Coca-Cola to descale a kettle.

– You can also clean your burnt pans with this soft drink. It is recommended to pour a bit of it in the pan and leave it to act. Finally, rinse it off.

– It can also eliminate stuck gum from your hair. Namely, you should dip your hair in some Cola and let it for a couple of minutes. At least, just wipe it off.

– This soft drink can remove any grease stains from your clothes.

– Use Coca-Cola to fade or eliminate your hair dye.

– It could clean any oil stains in a garage. It is advisable to pour some of the beverage directly on the stain and then hose it off.

– By using this soft drink you could remove paint from metal furniture. In addition, you can do it by soaking a towel in the beverage and applying it directly on the paint stains.

– Coca-Cola can kill snails and slugs as a result of its high acid content.

– This soft drink can also get rid of the rust stains from a pool. You should pour 2 liters of Cola in it and let it act for a while.

– It can eliminate rusty bolts and rust. Just soak a cloth or sponge in it.

– Coca-Cola also cleans engines.

– You can also clean the tiles by pouring a bit of Cola on the kitchen ground. Then, allow it to act for several minutes and wipe it off.

– It can polish Chrome if used along with aluminum foil.

– Use the beverage to clean vitreous chine stains.

– You can clean any marker stains on your carpet by pouring some Cola on it. Afterwards, you should scrub and wash it off by using soapy water.

– Unbelievably, by putting a tooth in a sealed Coca-Cola container and let it stay in for certain period of time, it will actually dissolve.

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