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Impossible Coconut Rum Pie

If you haven’t had the joy of making an impossible pie before, let us sum it up for you in two words: delicious and mesmerizing. Now, of course there wouldn’t be any point in making a pie (or any dish) that didn’t taste amazing, but this recipe for impossible coconut rum pie is especially fun because of how easily it comes together and how it all sets up in the oven, plus it’s ridiculously yummy…it’s basically magic.
What gives impossible pies their name is the fact that generally you just use one batter and it ends up separating in the oven and turning into very distinct layers, comprised of a crust, filling and topping. That’s right, you don’t need to make or buy any dough for the crust, you just need the one batter that separates into a tasty crust all on its own. That same batter also leaves you with a creamy, coconutty filling that’s smooth and dreamy, plus a perfectly golden brown, crackly top layer that’s like a light, flavorful crust to sandwich all the deliciousness inside.

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