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I had no idea! This is What Happens To Your Skin If You Put Apple Cider Vinegar on It!

Apple cider vinegar, otherwise known as cider vinegar or ACV, is a type of vinegar made from cider or apple must and has a pale to medium amber color. It has lately become famous due to its numerous health benefits. As such, apple cider vinegar can benefit many people who suffer from different skin issues. Below you have 4 ways you can use apple cider vinegar in case you are dealing with any of the following skin problems.

Age Spots- Apple cider vinegar can help you remove dead skin cells. Over time, regular use could help reduce the sign of age spots on the skin. Apply straight apple cider vinegar directly to the age spots. Use a cotton ball or soft pad to blot the impacted area of skin. Let set for 30 minutes.
Acne– Apple cider vinegar does naturally soothe skin, but it also works as an anti-fungal and antibacterial cleaning agent. Use a small amount of apple cider vinegar as a rinse on the skin.
Skin Toner- Apple cider vinegar can help minimize pores and improve circulation of the skin, thus making it an excellent natural solution for skin toner. Mix ½ cup of water and ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with a few drops of lavender oil. Apply directly to the skin with a cotton ball, allowing the mixture to set on skin for two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
Soothe Sunburn- Apple cider vinegar is a natural astringent, meaning that it can help speed up recovery while reducing itching and burning.  Mix equal parts of cool water and apple cider vinegar. Apply directly to the skin by gently rubbing on burned skin. Repeat several times per day as needed for soothing.