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Hydrogen Peroxide Magic 2.0

But I knew when I posted that list that it wasn’t complete… not by a long shot! So it seemed like high time for us to revisit hydrogen peroxide, and discover a few more uses for one of the most useful items you can have in your house.

A few years ago I started compiling a list of ways to use one of my favorite cleaning ingredients, and eventually published that list as a blog post. That post was titled “Hydrogen Peroxide Magic!”, which is fitting because this stuff has so many uses that it does feel like a magic potion! Apparently a lot of you agreed with me, because that post is one of our ALL-TIME most popular!


But before we begin, I thought it might be helpful to mention that we generally recommend using a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. This is probably the most commonly available type (it will say 3% right on the bottle), and it’s the safest to use. All of these tips were written with 3% hydrogen peroxide in mind, even if it isn’t explicitly mentioned. But enough about that!

Hydrogen Peroxide Magic 2.0

Canker Sores

Use hydrogen peroxide to help heal painful canker sores. Swish a tablespoon or so of hydrogen peroxide around your mouth for about 10 minutes, to help disinfect the area and reduce inflammation.

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