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How To Tell If You Will Get A Stroke Days Before It Happens!

Did you know that strokes are the 3rd leading cause of death for women? As reported by the American Stroke Association, nearly 60 percent of stroke deaths occur in women, meaning that they are more susceptible to this problem compared to men. In addition to this, they are less likely to identify its signs and get proper medical care.It is worth noting that around 80 percent of strokes are preventable with lifestyle medications, exercise, diet, and medical care.  Understanding why women are more likely to have strokes, which are the signs, and what can be done to prevent them is of utmost importance.

What Causes a Stroke?

Annually, around 800,000 Americans have strokes when a blood blocks the circulation to the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain breaks. When this happens, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and die off.  Additionally, memory, muscle control and other abilities controlled by that area of the brain are lost.

Most people manage to recover after a stroke, but about two-thirds of the victims experience certain level of disability.  In other words, if the stroke does not kill them, it might leave them paralyzed, unable to walk, speak, or live independently.

Why Are Women So Likely to Get Strokes?

Factors like hypertension, high cholesterol levels, lack of exercise, obesity and smoking increase the risk for stroke in both genders. But, there are certain issues unique to women, putting them at higher risk.

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