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How to Make a 5 Minute Patio Table

Spring is finally upon us! Hallelujah!!! I’ve been waiting for this nice weather since last summer ended and now the time has come to start sprucing up our yard again. Because of the layout of our yard, we don’t have a great space for patio furniture so when we have guests over, we sit family-style on a big picnic table Rob made a few years ago and once the stars come out, we usually gather around our little campfire in beach chairs and on 2 makeshift benches Rob made out of driftwood we picked up at Montauk Point. However, our guests usually sit their drinks on the ground so this project is the perfect solution to that small issue.

planter patio table

-20″ resin whiskey barrel planter
-lots of wine corks (I had about 2 grocery bags full that I’ve collected over the years.)
-17-3/4″ pine round
-round piece of glass (I found an end table at a local thrift store with a removable glass top that I scored for $10!)
-Everbilt Assorted Self-Adhesive Round Vinyl Surface Bumpers (You’ll definitely want these if you’re using a ceramic planter so as not to scratch your glass top!)
-bricks/big rocks/bag of sand for weight if using a resin planter

planter patio table

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