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How to Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly Every Time

As it turns out, the closer you grip to the bristles, the harsher your control. This means that you’re going to have patchy, uneven blending, which is the bane of most makeup lovers.

Try holding your brush more towards the tip, which will give you less control and a softer, more natural look.

Your Eyelids Need Foundation, Too

Applying eye shadow.

Yes, your eyelids are skin, too! This means they benefit from being prepped just like the rest of your face – with a coat of concealer. Take a flat brush, coat it in your concealer of choice, and start by tracing the arch of your eyebrow. Then paint your eyelid with the same. Blend everything with a makeup sponge.

Not only will this act as a nude base, but it will also be a primer at locks all the eyeshadow in and helps it stay all day.

With this eyeshadow makeup tutorial, you’ll be on your way to flawless eye makeup in no time at all! Make sure to share your thoughts on this tutorial and your own eyeshadow tricks with us.