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How I Built a Gallery Wall Above My New Desk

Hello from my office!

After we built the new desk (details on my blog), I wanted to decorate my work area and make it pretty to look at. We are still unpacking so I had to go search up my gold frames because that’s what I knew I wanted to use. They were in two separate places, but I found them!

how i built a gallery wall above my new desk

That wall is a blank canvas! Lets get started!



The following photos show you how I placed each mirror and frame to create my gallery wall. Its probably more than you need to see, but it gives you the idea of how I placed each piece.

LAYOUTWhen creating a gallery wall, I like to start with my largest pieces and work down to the smaller ones. Obviously you aren’t going to have the same items I do, so just place yours like you think they look nice to YOU.


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