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Homemade Sea Salt Vanilla Caramels

Homemade sea salt vanilla caramels. Hold on for a minute if you read that and thought there’s no way you could make these mouth-wateringly yummy candies yourself – you totally can! You already have most of the ingredients you’ll need for this recipe in your fridge or pantry, then it’s just a matter of stirring everything together while it cooks on the stove. That’s it, homemade caramel.

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Now, we will say it’s helpful to have a candy thermometer to make these bad boys, but it’s definitely not a necessity. The crux of making them is combining your ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat and then stirring for 10-15 minutes (so the sugar doesn’t burn) until the mixture bubbles and thickens and turns a deep golden amber color. Once it does, add your sea salt or any other flavorings you want to throw in there, then pour it into a baking dish to cool. You’re done! Let your caramel reach room temperature, then slice it up. You’ll be shocked by how good it is – way, wayyy better than store-bought – and everyone who tries them will think you bought them from a candy shop…these disappear quickly though, so make sure to make a big batch and save some for yourselves!

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