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Homemade Roach Spray (Good for Ants and Other Bugs Too)

Do you know what the number one question was we were asked this summer? How to get rid of roaches! One of our popular posts is our homemade ant spray, so readers want to know about other insects too. Especially roaches!

I just used a bunch of this homemade spray because a random trail of ants showed up on my front porch, and I didn’t want Amelia to get in it. I spray it to safely kill the ants and and things like roaches. It was safe for her, safe for the dog, and killed the ants.

homemade roach spray good for ants and other bugs too

Before we share the recipe, please head to our blog post. We have very important tips on keeping your home clean and free from bugs. This is always the first step when dealing with something like roaches or ants. They travel to find water and shelter.

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