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Homemade Fry Bread

Fry bread is a real treat, served up warm and usually topped with powdered sugar or one of our favorite duos, cinnamon, and sugar. We often see it at festivals or farmers markets, but we’ve also been known to whip up a batch or two at home and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than a fresh piece of warm fry bread. This simple, rustic recipe is something we love to make on the weekend as a special treat after a long week. Here’s how we do it.
Because we’re making bread, we need to prepare the dough and let it rest and rise, at least 30 minutes, until it has at least doubled its size. Then we take a generous handful of the dough and roll it into a ball, then elongate to become oval-like. A dip in a skillet of hot oil will turn the dough into a golden brown puff of soft, slightly sweet bread. Once cooled, we like to top it with just about anything, but we definitely have our favorites. Besides sugar, we’ve used fresh jam or preserves or a little bit of honey. These can be savory too! There’s no wrong way to eat this amazing fry bread.
Fry bread is one of those classic recipes that’s almost too good to be true, just a bread dough that’s fried in oil – it’s that simple. And with so many ways to top the bread, there’s really no end to the delicious possibilities. It’s a family favorite in our house, something that is often requested as a special treat or just for a Saturday morning at home. This bread is good stuff!

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