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Homemade Almond Roca Bars

Almond Roca, super similar to English toffee, is one of our favorite buttery-toffee treats; it’s something we love to have around the house on holidays, special occasions, or to give out as gifts. But we can also make this beloved sweet at home, and the results are beyond delicious. If you’ve made toffee like this before, then you know just how easy it is to whip up a batch to share with friends and family (and of course stash some away for yourself!). When we want to put together a gift basket or a thank you to a teacher or a coworker, then this is one of our must-haves in any goodie bag.
Supplies are quite simple, with the only “specialty” item being a candy thermometer, as the butter-sugar mixture needs to get to a certain temperature in order to get the right consistency. We stir in a few chopped almonds and pour the mixture onto a prepared baking sheet to cool. Next, the chocolate. Depending on your preferred tastes, you can use dark, milk, or semi-sweet chocolate, and we like to add a little bit of oil for texture and glossiness. You can cook this on the stove, but we took a little shortcut and chose to melt the chocolate in the microwave instead.

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