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Here Are 5 Effective Strategies to Avoid Absorbing Negative Energy from Others!

Emotional freedom means understanding how to stay centered in a stressful, emotionally charged world. As emotions like frustration, anger, and fear are energies, you could catch them from others without even knowing it. If you are an emotional sponge, you should learn how to stop taking on a person’s negative emotions.

You have been around negative people at some point in your life. You can actually absorb emotions from almost anyone, such as a co-worker, a friend, a family member, or even a stranger.

They may be constantly insulting others, complaining, or simply have a pessimistic view on almost everything.

You could feel sympathy, but empathy includes understanding an individual’s condition from their perspective. In case you feel empathy for someone, then you actually place yourself in their shoes.

If you are a strong empathizer, you usually absorb much of the pain from those people. It can bog you down emotionally and interfere with your ability to function optimally.

You should learn how to defend yourself from this type of toxic energy since your emotional state can have a huge impact on your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Here Are 5 Effective Strategies to Avoid Absorbing Negative Energy from Others: 

– Do Not Try to Make Others Like You

In case someone is constantly complaining about you, or talking down to you, you should avoid taking it personally. This means that you should NOT try to make them like you because it can only pull you deeper into their field of negativity as well as make you emotionally and energetically dependent on their opinion.

– Learn When to Walk away

You do not have to fix the problems of others, particularly when they are more interested in complaining than solving the problem. These people are parasitic personalities that actually feed on your affection and attention and drain your energy. They are never satisfied since they want to stay feeling like a victim.

Although you should offer your support to someone in need, learn how to recognize when your efforts are becoming redundant. As mentioned above, some people simply want to complain. So, if you give more attention to their problems, they will be unsolved. Learn when to walk away. You do not have to feel guilty or sorry for refusing to participate in the self-pity or drama of others.

– Learn When to Say ‘NO’

Being generous can be a marvelous thing, but you should be aware of when a person is taking advantage of your generosity. Remember there is not anything wrong with saying no when you really need to.

For instance, in case you invited someone in your home, would you allow them to come in off the porch and track mud over the carpet? Or would you ask them to clean their shoes before they entered your personal space?

This is your personal space, your body, and your life. Therefore, you need to think carefully about what type of people you allow access into your life. Consider setting clear standards and boundaries and then try to enforce them!

– Take Time for Yourself

Take time for yourself since it can be healing and regenerating. In case you feel that the energy around you is too chaotic, consider taking enough time for yourself and go somewhere peaceful. For example, you can sit on a park bench, take a walk, read a book, etc.

You should also try to mediate, breathe slowly, and simply spend more time in nature. This can make you feel refreshed and energized, so you will avoid absorbing negative energy from others.

– Take Responsibility for Yourself

You are actually the only person, who can keep your feelings and emotions under control. In each situation, you choose how to react and what to do. You should learn how to control your feelings.

In short, taking responsibility for yourself includes being aware of how you feel when some people are around you. In case you spend time with someone who does not make you feel good or drains your energy, consider creating some distance between you and that person.

This means that if your happiness is out of balance, you can fix it. Remember your own perception of yourself is more important than anyone else’s.

Keep in mind that when you are confident in who you are as well as how you want to feel, others cannot throw you off balance easily.

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com