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Healthy Shrimp Fried Rice

We love Asian food and scramble to try out any and all recipes ourselves, but we’ve noticed that some of the recipes we’re making aren’t doing the best things for our bodies and health. While we still love our favorite dishes, we thought it would be great to make something that wasn’t loaded down with fat or senseless carbs, and instead do a simple (delicious!) fried rice.
In this tasty side, majority of the flavor comes from the veggies and some key spices. It is a rice dish, but that just means it’s the perfect accompaniment to a main dish of chicken or fish, so you don’t have to feel guilty about tucking into this plus, you get some great protein with all the shrimp! We love repurposing our leftover rice this way and it’s great to get that delicious flavor without digging into something that’s heavily breaded or deep-fried. Try this out and enjoy now that you can make it at home you won’t need to order takeout anytime soon!

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