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Have scratches on your wood furniture? Remove them easily with these 15 effective tricks

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Vinegar and Olive Oil

Mix a 1/2 cup of vinegar and an equal amount of olive oil and rub it over your scratched surface.

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If your dark wood furniture has a scratch, you can paint on some iodine with a cotton ball and wipe the excess with a paper towel.

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You can also use strongly brewed coffee in the same manner to reduce the appearance of damaged wood in dark colored wood. Or try rubbing the coffee grounds into your scratch with a cotton swab.

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Walnuts work great for repairing a scratch. Just rub a walnut kernel over your scratch, the walnut meat will fill in the scratch and smooth it over. You can also try rubbing some walnut oil on it with a soft cloth.

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Applying watercolor or oil-based paint with a paint brush is another good way to hide scratches in your furniture.

Use a color that is a little bit darker than the furniture’s finish and dab some with a brush into the scratch. This method, however, doesn’t work on polyurethane finishes.

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Eyebrow Pencil

You can also try to color in small scratches with an oil-based eyebrow pencil.

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