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Grilled Peach Mojito Chicken

Mojitos are a cool and crisp beverage made with sugar, lime juice, club soda, rum, and the all important muddled mint leaves. Mojitos are a refreshing cocktail, but the ingredient list gave us an idea for a dinner recipe: peach mojito chicken. Grilled chicken topped with a sauce of peaches, mint, and honey is much lighter compared to the usual grill routine of chicken glazed in barbecue sauce. We love the refreshing combination of sweet and savory going on here; it’s the perfect summertime meal.
Grilled fruit is one of our favorites; we love grilled peaches served with vanilla ice cream. The natural sweetness from the fruit gets caramelized on the grill and takes on beautiful grill marks. Our mojito chicken incorporates staple ingredients found in the cocktail but uses them in a more savory way. Grilled peaches with honey are sweet, but they get a nice contrast with a splash of lime juice, balancing out the flavor. And mint adds a brightness to the meal overall, as well as that fresh pop of green to match the bright citrusy lime juice.

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