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Greek Coleslaw

As the weather starts getting warmer we start looking for recipes that can carry us through the season of BBQ cookouts and pool parties. That means coming up with new, fresh spins on classic side dishes like this one: Greek coleslaw. Now don’t look at this as a replacement for coleslaw (we still love the traditional!), but as a supplemental recipe that can ease some of the burden off the classic by reinventing some of the flavors – this way you can bring something new and interesting to the party, plus, you can throw it together in a matter of minutes! Now that’s what we call a winner.

We thought about making this look a little bit more like your standard Greek salad, what with adding cucumbers or tomatoes, but figured it wouldn’t really be much of a coleslaw if we did that…so we made our main focus the dressing, keeping it as close to a Greek dressing as possible.

That means olive oil, red wine vinegar and plenty of fresh lemon juice to start, along with garlic, oregano, rosemary and thyme. With our cabbage mix, red onion and feta, this dressing gets poured over and everything gets tossed together to perfection.

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