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Grandpa’s Amazing Grilled Chicken Recipe

My grandpa was never much of a cook in the kitchen. Not that he was bad at it, he just never spent a lot of time in there perfecting his skills. Grandma did all the cooking.
Until summer hit that is. That’s when grandpa put on his apron and fired up the grill. He could work magic with that thing. It didn’t matter what the meat was he was cooking, he did it perfectly. There were some meats that I wouldn’t normally eat, but if he did it on the grill, I was going to be the first in line to put it on my plate. On of his most famous dishes was his grilled chicken. The marinade he put on it was something I could have eaten plain I think!

It was a lot like this recipe I got from a friend of mine last summer. I had to call my dad and ask him again about grandpa’s recipe, and they were almost identical!
I came across this recipe again last week and I decided to make it for dinner later in the week, when we were having company. My son, who never eats chicken anything besides nuggets, gobbled down a whole chicken leg and came back for more!
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