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Grandma And Her Bacon Mushroom Cornbread Dressing

As kids, we all have our favorite food. Growing up in a family of really good cooks, my favorites varied from family to family. Whenever relatives visited us, they used to bring the food that they cooked the best. I used to love Aunt Beth’s desserts, Aunt Carmen’s casseroles, and of course my Mom’s cooking. Until now, I still think of it that way so my favorites still remained the same. I still ask for Aunt Beth’s pie whenever she called that she would visit. I still request for Aunt Carmen to make me one of her casseroles whenever she comes and visits.

Whenever food was the topic, I couldn’t help but think of Grandma. I have to say sorry to my mother and my aunts if they happen to read this, but Grandma’s still the best. No one could compare to the dishes that she used to make for all of us. She was a bit stern, yes, most especially when it came to food. She always wanted us to eat only meals with the freshest ingredients. When she let us watch her, we always had to keep quiet, listen, and watch attentively. She made the most delicious food. Even her experiments all tasted great. This recipe from Southern Bite reminds me of those times when we fought over who got to taste her dishes first. It’s a meal full of nothing but goodness that will probably remind you a bit of your yesterdays.

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