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Glazed Root Beer Float Cookies

Our love for chocolate chip cookies will never die, but there are times when we turn away from our belovedly dense cookie and crave something a little cakier…since cakey cookies tend be a little lighter and airier. In this case, we took inspiration from one of our childhood favorites, the root beer float, and turned it into one of those frosted, cakey cookies that hits the spot at any time of day or night.
We had to track down some root beer extract, but once we did that we were golden. It goes into both the batter and the frosting, and it really does make you feel like you’re eating a solid root beer float! However, if you can’t find it, you can swap in vanilla extract and go for more of a cream soda cookie, which would be just as tasty!
We mentioned our love for the cakiness of these cookies, and it’s that paired with the frosting that we adore and can’t get enough of. While you could just as easily make more of a glaze for these cookies, we went with a slightly thicker frosting that we spread on with a knife, sort of similar to Lofthouse-style cookies. The root beer extract really gets a chance to shine, and the creaminess tastes just like the creamy ice cream in the float!
Another thing that’s great is that, even if you typically feel that making cookies from-scratch is just a little too much effort, these really do come together quickly! Get all your ingredients out, then the rest of the process is a breeze, you’ll see!

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