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Girl starts singing “Amazing Grace,” but unexpected twist 1 minute in has everyone cheering

Everyone is born with special and unique talents or skills. Whether it’s an ability to play an instrument or a knack for athletics, we all have something that we tend to excel at more than others. This little girl named Skylynn — her talent is singing.

Skylynn doesn’t just sing, she sings gospel and she sings it with heart and meaning. She was going to bring her amazing talent to the state on Steve Harvey’s show Little Big Shots.

The little girl was going to perform ‘Amazing Grace’ in front of the entire country.

This classic and well-known song is a favorite for many — the audience was excited to see what this little girl could do! She calmly walked out onto the stage as if she had done it a million times before.

Skylynn is young so it’s only natural for the audience to expect a childish and undeveloped voice start to sing. When she starts — she immediately blows people away with her talent.

She begins singing in a sweet, soft, and unassuming voice.

Source: Little Big Shots

The song starts being performed in the traditional version that many people are used to. Skylynn’s voice is sweet and angelic but extremely unique. The audience, including Steve Harvey, can tell that this little girl was meant to sing.

As the performance goes on, it is executed flawlessly — the song being gently performed in it’s original slow tempo.

A minute into the video — the entire performance changed and the audience goes crazy!

Source: Little Big Shots

Halfway through Skylynn’s performance, a smile spreads across her face and the music picks up in pace. All of the sudden she has background gospel singers joining her in the background and everyone is dancing.

The audience is going wild and all the performers are having a blast performing this fun rendition of such a classic song. Skylynn belts it out with all of her heart and continues to wow the crowd.

Skylynn can’t help but grin ear to ear as she performs for the enormous crowd.

Source: Little Big Shots

Steve Harvey walks up to the young star afterward with a look of complete awe on his face. It’s clear that she made quite the impact on him as well as everyone watching. Such a great performance by such a talented kid.

It’s impossible not to clap your hands while watching Skylynn’s talent in this incredible performance.

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 Source: Little Big Shots