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Florentine Lasagna Roll-Ups

One night friends on a tight schedule stopped by. I wanted them to stay for dinner, but I need to fix something in short order. So, I created these savory spirals roll-ups, which feature a creamy three-cheese filling. They taste like lasagna, but bake in a fraction of the time. —Julia Trachsel Victoria, British Columbia

My family loved this dish! Added garlic salt to the Chicken mixture and sea salt and fresh grated parmasan cheese to the Bechamel Sauce. Excellent result. Used the store bought roasted chicken which saved some time. Needed the full 15 oz of ricotta cheese and only used about 16 noodles (2 per roll up) for a total of 8 roll-ups to fit in the 9 x 13 pan. Maybe they were bigger than they were soposed to be..per the original recipe.? But turned out perfect for us ?

A twist on the standard lasagna dish. Fontina, fresh spinach, roasted chicken, cremini mushrooms and sauteed onions make this a great dish. A creamy bechemel sauce and rolled lasagna rolls make this perfect. I admit this takes a little time but worth it. Now I also take advantage of a grocery store roasted chicken for this or you can roast your own. But I do insist on fresh spinach and herbs, but why not take advantage of a little help … I also get my mushrooms pre-sliced. Take a little help on some store bought items when you can. The fontina to me just adds lots of flavor, but if you can’t find it mozzarella will work just fine. This is worthy of entertaining, but the best part … make it ahead and just refrigerate. Just put in the oven and bake the night of the party, NO work.


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