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Fill Your Belly With This Slow Cooked Wonder!

I wonder what it is about onion that makes most kids cringe. My mother always talks about how my big brother refused to eat if he found even the tiniest bit of onion in his food.
Mom had to come up with pretty clever ways to “hide” the onion – she knew my brother didn’t mind the taste of it, as long as it wasn’t visible! Funny… these days he loves anything and everything onion. I, on the other hand, have loved it since I was a kid. French onion soup was my favorite and I could eat all I wanted, since my brother wouldn’t even have a spoonful!

I’ve tried many French onion soup recipes over the years. This one went to the top of the list right away! Not only is it super tasty, but it’s also incredibly easy to make. Actually, you barely have to lift a finger since the crock pot is doing all the work for you.
And you know it wouldn’t be the same without that cheesy, crunchy bread on top, right?
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