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Favorite Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey

This Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey recipe is my readers’ favorite! This dinner is quick, flavorful, and healthy. I bet it will be a hit at your house!
I’ve mentioned that we live in San Francisco and are surrounded by AMAZING Asian cuisine, so we’re pretty picky about our Chinese food. When I saw a couple ground turkey stir fry recipes floating around, I thought turkey in an Asian-inspired dish seemed peculiar, but then I remembered having something similar that had ground pork instead. Pork. Turkey. What’s the difference, right?

I’m so glad I decided to try these Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey because this easy meal was delicious! To make it even better, it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare, making it one of my best recipes for busy days!

My oldest usually turns his nose up at green beans when I make them, but he makes an exception for Chinese green beans. I can’t understand that kid. He won’t eat gravy or spaghetti sauce, but he loves sushi and anything smothered in black bean sauce.

It’s hard to say he’s picky exactly. Maybe he just has discerning taste. He’s certainly growing up in the right city. We didn’t have a lot of Asian food options when I was a kid in Mississippi! Fortunately I’m making up for it as an adult.

This green bean stir fry was born for weeknights. If you can find Chinese long beans in your supermarket, those make the recipe taste even more authentic. If not, regular American green beans are perfect too. Just make sure they are fresh (not canned!) for a great result. If you don’t have fresh available, try frozen instead. However you make yours, I hope you love this Asian ground turkey recipe.

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