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Everything You Need to Stencil Your Tile Floors For Less

To our Cutting Edge Stencils fans, welcome back! We have the biggest blog post of the year for you to bookmark or save on your computer! We will show you EVERYTHING you need to stencil your tile floors for LESS using tile stencils. This step-by-step tutorial has every detail on floor preparation, stenciling technique, and top coat instructions to create the perfect tile floor. This will make all of your stencil projects so much easier and by the end of this post, you’ll be able to change your job title to “Stencil Professional.” First take a look at the complete “How-To” video tutorial and then follow along through each step with the written instructions.

Before ordering your , you must measure your tile! The correct way to measure your tile is from tile edge to tile edge. You can use a ruler or measuring tape! Make sure you do NOT include the grout lines. For this specific floor project, we want to ignore the grout lines. We decided this style will look best with this linoleum floor because the space between the ties is too thin. The size you measure will be the size you order!

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