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Essential Oils To Fight Anxiety: Better Than Medication!

According to HealthLine: “Aromatherapy is the practice of inhaling the scent of essential oils to improve your well-being. One theory of how they work is that by stimulating the smell receptors in your nose, they can send messages to your nervous system. They are also thought to have a subtle effect on the body’s chemical and energy systems. Because of this, aromatherapy is often used as a natural remedy to relieve anxiety and stress.”
Essential oils are of great help in the case of anxiety, which is a condition often accompanied by panic attacks and stress. While anxiety medications, or tranquilizers, come with a list of side-effects, essential oils are a natural weapon against this condition.
The most common anti-anxiety medications include Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, and Ativan, which are benzodiazepines, and their use can often cause adverse effects like:
Slurred speech
Confusion and disorientation

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