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Easy Rocky Road Fudge

Fudge is always a lovely treat, but do you know what’s even better? Fudge with almonds and marshmallows. We love Rocky Road ice cream, so thought it would be really cool to see how we could recreate our favorite flavor in a totally different dessert. And it turns out that flavor combo lends itself perfectly to this easy-to-make fudge! The marshmallows lend a nice soft and chewy bite while the almonds give the fudge an irresistible crunch. It’s really good stuff!
The beauty of fudge is that it’s really not all that difficult to make. You might even already have the ingredients and you only need to clean one pot! Another great thing is that, because it’s so rich, a little goes a looong way. You’ll be noshing on these little square morsels for days to come… unless other people know you’ve made it! Then you’d better get some while you still can!

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