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But first a few more details on these plywood shelves – like how they are removable if you want to store something taller.

plywood shelves removeable

For this project I used the Kreg Accu-Cut guide track to rip and cut plywood shelves.  The Kreg Accu-Cut is a great tool and works in place of a table saw:

  • rip and cut plywood (up to 48″ long)
  • track stays in place with anti-slip strips attached to underside
  • uses a universal sled mounted to circular saw

cutting plywood using Kreg accu-cut

I use my Kreg Accu-Cut consistently in place of a table saw because my workshop space is outdoors and who wants to transport a table saw around?

Ready for a bit of real life?  We moved into this house six years ago and I have not touched this closet except to throw things inside, look at the mess!

linen closet before

I’m almost too embarrassed to share how gross and slovenly we appear, that poor linen closet was neglected but mostly because there were no shelves.  I finally took control of the situation and installed these pretty plywood shelves.

plywood shelves with trim

There was quite a bit of prep work to be done before the shelves could go in but it was worth all the effort.  Removing wallpaper and old hanging bars, repairing trim, spackling and chaulk and finally everything was painted white.  You cannot go wrong with white paint especially in a closet and I absolutely love the contrast of the white against the warm wood tones.

plywood shelves at door trim

Look how beautifully they fit into place and no notching or any fancy cuts required.  I’m sharing the details over at Build Something here so you can make these shelves too.  Cheers to all the organized, beautiful and functional linen closets!

A DIY tutorial for making easy and pretty plywood shelves for your linen closet. Make your closet organized, functional and user friendly with shelves.