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Easy Christmas Cake Recipe

An easy Christmas cake that turns out perfect every time. No creaming, beating or soaking of fruit required!
Plus tips on storage and feeding your Christmas cake (boozy and non-boozy).
Read why November really is the time to make your Christmas Cake!

Arrghhh! How did it get to be November already??

I still haven’t put my flip-flops away from Summer yet.

After being faced with the reality that I’m going to have to start thinking about Christmas trees, house decorations, food and presents pretty rapidly, I decided to get going with my first festive tradition – the Christmas cake.

In fact, I usually end up making one main cake, another smaller version for my mum and dad, and then two even smaller versions for the kids to decorate.

I’ve even been known to make an additional one for Chris to eat right away – fruit cake fiend that he is.

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