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One night, my husband had some friends over to play poker and he requested these s’mores bars. They polished off the pan and asked for more! I shared the recipe, and now their families make them, too.

  • wife2maleRN

I don’t actually want to rate my recipe, just offer some changes. This is the original recipe that I put in, but what I actually do is use 3 cups oats and 3-4 cups of mixed’whatever’. The more you experiment, the more you come up with your own preferred recipe. I’ve used Reeces’ Pieces instead of choc. chips for a different flavour. Trail mix usually makes up at least 1 cup of my recipes.


On my first attempt to make these I used regular rolled oats instead of quick and they had a raw oat taste because the oats were too thick to cook in that amount of time, without burning the condensed milk. So on my second attempt, because I could see the potential, I doubled the recipe and poured it on to a jelly roll pan that was lined with a non-stick silpat mat. These little mats are so slick. Nothing sticks to them. My kids loved these chewy type of granola bars and they are truly easy to make in minutes. The hardest part is waiting for them to cool. I have used fat-free condensed milk also, but I think they taste better with the regular condensed milk.


This is so easy, and easy to make it as good-for-you as you want. I use freeze dried edama beans and soy nuts and any dried fruit I have around, and my husband loves it. Hint: put the unopend can of sweetened condensed milk in a bowl of hot water while you mix the dry stuff,open it and add the melted butter and it will be easier to mix.

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