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Easy As ABC And 1-2-3!

I couldn’t wait to come home from college when I was there in my earlier years. It was fun learning and expanding my horizons, but there was no place like home. I went to a school that was pretty far away, so I only got to travel home for big holidays like Christmas, and during the summer. The rest of the year, I was on my own. Besides my family, I missed relaxing in our FAMILY ROOM, cuddling up with dog, and the smell of Mom’s casseroles cooking.

She was a master in the kitchen. I appreciated her skills so much more when I was stuck eating from the school cafeteria every day. Whenever I was going back, Mom would always whip together this potato and chicken casserole that would just melt in my mouth.

She knew it was MY FAVORITE. After my second year at school, a couple of friends and I got a house together, so we could finally make our own meals. When I left home that fall, Mom tucked a recipe in my bag that was just like this one from My Recipes.

It was another thing that I mastered that semester, besides my normal studies.


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