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Drain Your Lymph Glands and Improve Your Overall Health with THIS Simple Technique!

A large number of people have never heard of the lymphatic system or lymphatic drainage. However, the lymphatic system is crucial to tissue repair and regulation of inflammation in your body.

What Is the Lymphatic System?

It is actually a network of organs and tissues that play an important role in the elimination of waste, toxins, and any other impurities from your body. The lymphatic system carries the lymph fluid, which possesses white blood cells that help fight infections.

But, an unhealthy lymphatic system can result in serious health issues, including chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, bloating, aches, pains, obesity, fibromyalgia, and even multiple sclerosis.

Here Are the Main Culprits of Congested Lymph Nodes and Lymphatic System:

– Digestive imbalances may irritate intestinal villi, thus contributing to lymph congestion. Additionally, the quality of villi is important for proper lymph flow, detoxification, assimilation, and healthy immune system since most of the lymph in your body surrounds your gut.

– Stress has been found to be a main cause of about 80% of all chronic health issues, including congested lymphatic system.

– Iodine deficiency can also trigger lymphatic congestion because iodine helps mitigate the toxic environment effects and improves the function of each cell of your lymphatic system.

The improper drainage of your lymphatic system can lead to an impaired immune system. That’s not all, it may also contribute to tumors in the lymph nodes.

As a result of this, keeping your lymphatic system healthy is vital for supporting good health.

Although There Are Many Different Ways to Drain Your Lymphatic System, Castor Oil Provides Maximum Benefits

A chiropractor, biochemist and medical researcher, Dr. David Williams, claims that there is not any drug that can enhance your lymphatic flow. He explains that you can drain your lymphatic system and promote proper lymph flow with the topical application of Castor oil.

Here Is How to Drain Your Lymphatic System with Castor Oil:

The only thing you should do is apply a bit of castor oil to different parts of your skin.

You can stimulate the function of your lymphatic system by applying a castor oil pack to your lower abdomen.

Namely, saturate a cotton cloth folded in a few layers in cold-pressed oil castor oil and then apply it to your skin. Allow it to stay on overnight.

This can elevate the circulation of lymphatic fluids, lower inflammation, and enhance your digestive system.

Other Effective Methods to Drain Your Lymphatic System Include: 

– Exercise: You can also keep your lymphatic system moving by getting regular exercise.

– Herbs and teas: You can also use many herbs and teas to purify your lymph. Echinacea is one of the most powerful herbs to drain your lymphatic system since it can support lymphatic functions as well as strengthen your immune system. The herb can help strengthen specific types of cells in the lymph nodes known as macrophages. Theses cells can flush the toxins out of your lymph. Moreover, Echinacea can also lower inflammation and fight viral, fungal and bacterial infections.

– Sauna baths: Sweating is one of the most effective ways to eliminate toxins from your body. Sauna baths can increase your body temperature and stimulate your sweat glands. Sweat can excrete any built up toxins, including mercury, sodium, lead, and copper from your body.

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