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Dr. Pepper Cake

Made this cake yesterday and thought it was just okay. Would have given it maybe 3. But we tried it again today, and it tastes a lot better. Quite a lot better, in fact. The cake kind of solidified into a denser yet still moist cake. My hubby who absolutely detests Dr. Pepper and claims that he can taste it in the cake loved it. I guess this is one of those cakes that you just have to try for yourself. Didn’t use all of the sugar called for in the frosting and I added a little vanilla. With a cooked frosting you just need to make sure you get it on the cake right away. The longer you wait the more difficult it is to spread. I liked the consistency of it after it set.

what you need:

1 c. butter
1 c. Dr. Pepper
4 tbsp. cocoa
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
2 c. sugar

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